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Give your game a fighting chance!

Developing games is hard and time consuming, but the reality is that developing killer app or magnificent game is just half the battle. Getting noticed is the hard part. Why not give your game a fighting chance by giving it the head start it really needs. Here`s how:

Step 1: Download and setup passive income apps

Passive income apps are a great way of generating small income streams to support your project. More apps you have, more money you will make. These apps won`t make you a millionaire or anything like that but they will certainly help in giving your game a chance to go viral.

We have listed the must have apps to get you started:

  1. Slidejoy
  2. AppMan
  3. CashPirate
  4. FeaturePoints
  5. Gift Wallet

1. Slidejoy (Android Only)

Slidejoy is a free mobile app that pays you cash when you open your phone. Upon unlocking your device you’ll notice an ad on the screen after installing the app. Slidejoy receives commission from the advertisers and gives a portion of that to you, the user. You will get paid the same amount whether you click on the phone or not, so only click on the ad if you are generally interested in it. With Slidejoy we estimate that you will make around 10$ per month.

Download Slidejoy

2. AppMan (Android / Ios)

Another incredible way to make money from your phone is with AppMan. This mobile app pays you just for downloading apps and trying them out. For a limited time, they are offering a $5 dollar bonus on the first time you claim a $5 dollar reward. With AppMan you should average about 15$ per month.

Download Appman


3. Cashpirate (Android / Ios)

CashPirate is one of the best apps out there that pays you to download other apps, and you can also earn extra cash by participating in other activities such as watching videos and taking surveys. This is a great way to earn some extra money while waiting in line or for those who need some extra side-income.With CashPirate you can earn as much as 30$ per month.

Use this bonus code for free coins at signup: LOXTDN

Download Cashpirate for Android 

Download Cashpirate for IOS (app name for IOS is GiftBanda)

4. Featurepoints

FeaturePoints is a mobile app that pays you to download and try out new apps. Each time you a new app is installed and opened you earn points which can be converted into gift cards or cash. When you first sign-up, you should have enough apps to download to earn roughly $3.00. Check back daily for new apps available. I usually find that I can make a minimum of 20 – 25 dollars per month. All of the apps listed are free and there’s no expenses involved at any point.

Use this bonus code for free points at signup: 8MWXB5

Download Featurepoints for Android 

Download Featurepoints for IOS: FeaturePoints for iPhone must be downloaded via Safari on the device. You can find it here.

5. Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet pays you to complete tasks on your phone. There are many types of activities that you can do, but the one that pays the most and makes Gift Wallet worth it is through downloading apps. I usually make around 10 dollars per month with Gift Wallet.

Use this bonus code for free points at signup: sbfdz4a

Download Gift Wallet for Android 

Download Gift Wallet for IOS 


Cashing out

All of these apps pay you Paypal money. Using these apps for a couple minute per day should easily net you around 60 – 90$ per month. Combining this revenue with promotional discounts from different add networks will easily 2-4 x your advertisement budget.

So let’s do the math:

One man development team develops a mobile game for three months. He starts using these apps from day one. He will generate the following:

60-90$ / month, averages to around 75$ / month

75$ x 3 months, will generate around 225$

Combining 225$ with promotional campaigns and he will have around 500 – 750$ marketing budget.

Now, 750$ will make a huge difference and will really set you apart from your competition.

If you have 3-5 people on your   team, even better… You will easily have thousands of dollars for marketing your game.

step 2: Finding the right promotions

Ok, now that the ball is rolling, lets see how to run with it. Several add networks have a pretty decent signing bonuses for new advertisers. Most of these require you to invest little money to enjoy them, but don`t worry, that is exactly what step 1 was for.

Google adwords is perhaps the best place to advertise mobile games and apps. Now, when you invest 25$ of your passive income money you will get 75$ of adwords credit. Sadly this can only be acquired once per advertiser. Adwords promotional campaign can be found here.

Recently Facebook has changed their policies concerning free coupons so they are much harder to come by right now. What this basically means is that getting good results out from Facebook with a tight budget is much harder now. Facebook is still one of the best “add networks” but provides less “bang to a buck.” Up to date Facebook getting started tutorial can be found here.

Very good alternative to previous ones is Bing Ads. Bing ads doesn’t have as much users but has very targeted traffic and lower cost per click. On top of all that they actually still give out free credit to new advertisers. Links to theirs and lots of other add network promotions can be found from here. Advertiser promotions for smaller networks can be found pretty easily from Google and they are constantly changing so I am not going to include them here.

Rolling the dice bit more (buying from resellers)

There is a whole market for buying and selling add coupons online. Finding Facebook or Adwords coupon is quite rare these days but you can still find a lot of other coupons. This is a high risk and high reward kind of thing since you can get scammed paying for these. On the other hand you can find 200$ Bing credit for as low as 5$. Best place to find these deals is We do not recommend this method but it is completely up to you.

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